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Savannah: It is very good, the lighting and the style. the only true issue lies in perception and vantage point. some more depth practi...



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this is the group account managed mainly by me, Neko-chan.

the people you may encounter are my Recruits: Abby the Pein lover, Alex her twin and the Hidan lover, jaylen the Konan lover, Savannah the sasori lover and her best friend Rose the itachi lover, Hannah the green haired zetsu lover, brendy the tobi-madara-obito lover and her best friend Sarrah the Kakuzu lover, zoey who is alex's best friend and loves kisame, Zoey's younger sister kate who just likes akatsuki (she doesnt understand fandom quite yet, she's only 5) and then theres me, the nutty leader who stalks deidara.


but i AM writer, so check out my page on, and visit me and my follower's fanfiction.…
  • Reading: Distressed
Neko: 20 artists have at last been selected! with many styles, the artists will create a singe scene that will be posted bellow. 

Savannah: Judging is a process done by us. Neko-sama and Hannah will judge how well the art conforms to the written scene. Alex and Zoey will judge for layout and design. Sarrah and Brendy will Judge effort and time. Rose and myself will judge technique and elements of the piece. Jaylen and Abby lastly, will judge based on over all appearance and how closely the figure resembles the main character, Sakura Haruno.

Hannah: here is the written description, which we will also message to all invited, confirmed participants.

//Sakura Haruno

//Long, gently curling at its tips, straight waist length hair; the color of pastel pink, a green stripe on the left side of her head, and a lilac purple band toward the back on right side, held out of her face with a pair of neon red and yellow hair clips.

//School’s female uniform, black skirt and black button up with a red tie. Over it, a bright light blue jacket, and under it, light lilac leggings a few shades lighter than her hairs dyed stripe. Black combat boots.

//stunning, bright apple green eyes, outlined gently with black eyeliner, light pink, clear sparkly lip gloss and black mascara.

//dark red schoolbag, one of the two straps slung on her shoulder, small black finger-less gloved hand wrapped around it tight. The other gloved hand held a small grip on the ruffled skirt.

//entering a classroom door, closing behind her the door/ shy, nervous, curious demeanor.

Alex: All participants will need to give their Age, their best or favorite art style (surreal, intense, darmatic, gore, whimsical... etc), and their average art speed for the work. 

Neko: The End Date is flexible, the end of November, as decided based on artists' predicted availability, schedules and the time it takes for their work. It is only flexible, however, to the original 20 artists. if you are not one of them and wish to participate, you are welcome, but the date your work must be turned in by is December 1st 12:00 am.

Abby: to the rest! stay tuned for submitted works!

the image above is an excerpt from Fictional work: "Distressed" it is an unpublished work awaiting critique from other persons. anyone who would like to read the temporarily posted 5 chapter, go HERE

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//Present: Neko, Alex, Abby//

Neko: as incredible as it is, Naruto Fandom is so... HUGE, that we have a history. like, a full, bloody, murderous history. 


Neko: HONESTLY! not only do we have to hand it to Kishimoto-san for literally creating a manga/anime series that 11/15th's of the animanga population (anyone who likes manga or anime) have heard it's name before, but we honestly need to look at how serious we fans have taken this.

Alex: Neko-sama is very right. we've had bloody internet wars over simply what we call our pairings. the "Name Smoosh Uke! vs Seme! Wars" were so violent and heated- and it was only for finding a way to title our ships! finally we settled To Seme! first and Uke! second in Smoosh Titles. (NaruSasu or SasuNaru)

Neko: and that example puts another event in the Naruto Fanlore History. "The Great Fandom Divide of Sasuke x Naruto" exploded in 2003, shaking the fanbase to it's core. this was our most hard core Ship War in our history, in which shippers between Naruto and Sasuke erupted since the pairing's first community to ever go up was titled 'SasuNaru'. the rage of fans who claim Naruto tops was ecstatic, and the war didn't seem to end up until 2008 when fans finally broke up. "The Great Fandom Divide" began as SasuNaru and NaruSasu fans separated, and even today there is incredible tension springing up between members of the two parties.

Alex: on the talk of Fan wars, we drift to today's present Fan wars. anywhere you go for naruto anything, you'll see Waring between which pairing is best. fan bashing has, always, been centered in bashing to prove that one's pairing is better. NaruSasu or SasuNaru fans will bash NaruHina or NaruSaku or SasuHina or ItaSasu pairings with burning hatred. like wise, ethics set in. ItaSasu could just be bashed because it is incest, or KakaSaku bashing because the fan is against teacher-student, and bad guy-good guy pairings are bashed often just for sheer crack-ness.

Neko: in fact, today we are also in a fanwar. for a while now we've been engaged in complete outrage from outcries of 631. [spoiler alert] in which Minato asks Naruto if Sakura is his girl friend. Naruto says, in an uncertain way, perhaps yes. Sakura-Naruto fandom shippers scream and cheer, rejoice! meanwhile, in 615, we've just had a touchy feely with Hinata? the Hinata-Naruto fans go into rage. now both pairings' fans go wild and battle ensues! the up and coming "Sakura-Hinata" Divide and the "NSH Ship War" was predicted to ensue short after the release of 631.

Abby: looking past fandom wars, we have project spurts over the years in character popularity. certainly everyone's seen the rise of Sakura-Bashing. but lately the heights for Sasuke-bashing are incredible, surpassing Sakura's hate. adoration for the main character, Naruto, has dramatically shrunk over time, replaced with love for antagonists and lesser protagonists, particularly for Gaara, his sibling Temari, the Akatsuki, and even to c-list characters. 

Neko: it just seems like it'll be horrible when the series finally reaches it's end, as predicted for the manga later this year. it will be the end of a world on the internet. the number one series for fanfiction, the second most watched anime in the western hemisphere, the third most sold in history in the eastern. when it comes to an end, all this history in the making will end.



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